Apr. 21, 2006

Karn on the Cob

This man needs an Emmy!

Whose Karn is it Anyway?

Yesterday, the 20th of April 2006, Rich Karn delivered about three minutes of the most excellent television since a certain robotic girl graced the screen.


The Killinger family (returning champs) reached fast money for their second time and sent up the mom (brutal choice) and the super-creepy dad, Neil, who had gone second the day before and responded to being told he had his work cut out for him by telling Richard 'Don't worry, I've got very broad shoulders'. So the mom proceeds to bomb it, gets like 31 points, and then Neil comes out and looks surprisingly shaken by the situation, considering how broad his shoulders are and all.


So the first question comes up, 'What part of a chihuahua is very small?', which mom got a fat zero on by saying 'face', which was creepy enough on its own. Neil would not be outdone, however, and proudly stated 'Its Peter!'. Well the place just goes bonkers, crowd flipping out, grandma looking like she's going to faint, Karn barely keeping his own shit together, though he does manage to get through it.

Consummate Pro.

So the time runs out, and there is a long awkward pause while the judges are trying to decide what they can get away with putting on the board, before they finally screw it and just go with 'Peter'. This, of coarse, sends the place on it's head all over again, and is followed by 'Peter' actually getting two points.

And then, Karn drops this bomb, which as far as I'm concerned should cement his legacy in the TV game-show host hall of fame:

"The number one answer was 'feet', but you know what they say about dogs with small feet".

Richard Karn - 2006.

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